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Fragrant dried lavender
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Lavender and Shop questions

1. How much lavender will I get?
A large handful of dried lavender is about 20g, so a 100g bag will contain about 5 handfuls, and a 1Kg bag will contain about 50 handfuls.
If you are making lavender bags, then a palm sized one (about 10x12cm) will hold about 20g.

2. Which dried lavender should I choose for making lavender bags?
We recommend our Grosso dried lavender, which is slightly greyer in colour but has a strong fragrance.

3. Which lavender is best for aromatherapy?
We recommend our Organic lavender for aromatherapy uses. If you are looking for a softer relaxing fragrace, try our blue lavender which is a variety of Lavandula Angustifolia which is prized as having the best therapeutic effect.
Use in wheat bags, sleep pillows, bath bombs and many other applications.

4. Do you sell English lavender?
Yes and no!
The variety of lavender called Lavandula Angustifolia is commonly known as English lavender. We sell dried lavender Angustifolia, but it is grown in France. We also sell UK grown varieties - see q.5.
See Blue dried lavender, and Organic dried lavender.

5. Do you sell lavender grown in the UK?
Yes! The UK is expanding in this area, and there are many small growers, but they produce mainly for their own needs. A large proportion of lavender in this country is not dried but extracted for lavender essential oil for use in toiletries and aromatherapy.

British lavender is available to buy online on our sister site daisyshop.co.uk:
British dry lavender for making lavender bags
English dry lavender bunches
Blue British lavender bunches
British culinary lavender by the kilo

We sell predominantly French grown lavender because the French have a long history of lavender farming. They bring their expertise and economies of scale to the lavender market.

6. If I place an order, how long will it take to arrive?
Up to about a week in the UK. If your order is urgent, please contact us for help.

7. Is your website safe?
Yes! When you come to pay, you will be redirected to PayPal (you don't need an account with them), who are well known payment handlers. Our company has been vetted by them and is PayPal Verified.
We have been trading since 2003, and are members of the Federation of Small Businesses. When you order online, we do not see your card details as this is handled by PayPal. Your other details are treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We do not sell or pass on your details, or send spam.

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